Web Host Research: Tips to try before you buy a hosting plan

Web Host Research: Tips to try before you buy a hosting plan 2

It’s not just a matter of picking a host and running with it, good service requires solid web host research. It’s a matter of actually knowing about your host’s history, because without that extra boost, you’re going to be running the dark.

It’s no fun being uninformed.

Host info is incredibly important, especially when you’re looking for a host that you can honestly trust. If it’s your new website and business on the line, then that should be a given.

If you’re just picking a host randomly and aren’t even trying to find one that you can put faith into, then you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Obviously, you need to know some background.

Without background information, you’re going in blind. You wouldn’t sell out to a company’s contract that didn’t tell you at least a little bit about them, so keep that in mind.

Without a Good Deal of Background Info, You’re Going in Blindfolded. That’s Not Safe, so Read Up.

If you don’t get to know all about your host and their history, you’re doomed to repeat quite a bit of failure. That’s simply the lay of the land when it comes to hosting sites.

Your web host is really something that you should be able to feel relaxed using. You should know that you’re in good hands, and if you don’t, you’re cruising for a proverbial bruising.

Your business needs to mean more than a simple sign-up link, so do the research. In our reviews, we’ve done that extensively–and that means you can do the same.

Start with the ‘about us’ page.

Your host’s about us page is the absolute first stop that you should be making when you’re hunting around for an established hosting server, and without it, you’re completely unaware.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that sites that are actually well-established and well-run have an extensive ‘about’ page that tell you a lot about the host’s history.

You need to know at least a little bit about them. If you don’t, you could be signing up for a host that’s only going to end up disappointing you later on down the line.

Check for their founding date.

While it’s not the absolute end all, be all for your host to have been around for awhile, it certainly feels better to know if they’ve been around and have some longevity.

A host that’s been around for 10 years and shows a ton of updates is something that you can really be happy about. You’ll know that they’re keeping up with the times.

This also means that they’re going strong for you personally. That will make you relax a bit when you’re using them, because you know that your site is in good hands.

Look for awards.


Recent, award-winning hosting is definitely not something to sneeze at. If they’ve got a lot of awards on their ‘about’ page that have happened in the last year, that’s a great sing.

Be aware that some hosts put up awards from years past and expect you to take that at face value. That’s not usually going to be something that helps you out online.

You want a host that’s recent and updated, and if they don’t have a ton of awards, then that doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case. It just has a higher chance of it.

You don’t want them to skip out.

The moment that a web host doesn’t talk about any of this at all is the moment that the might have something to hide, which is obviously not going to be right up your alley.

You want a host that’s going to be open and forward about their background information, and at least talk about how many years they’ve really been around online.

If they can’t even do that much, consider it a red flag. You don’t want to spend your time with a host that can’t even take the time to talk about their founding fathers.

Watch out for false promises.

Too many times have web hosts just put up about pages that talk about nothing but empty customer service promises…and that’s obviously not going to power your site.

You want a web host that’s going to be open about who is running it as well. If you’ve got a host that’s a Republican-run web hosting service, don’t go with it if you’re a Democrat, for example.

These little things can end up haunting you later, so make sure you do your part in the reading, and really take the time to look up what your host has going on in the background.

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