Eight Situations Where Should You Opt For Managed WP Hosting

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You want to start a WordPress site for your company.

The problem is that you’re not technical and you don’t know the first thing about how to run a site, or you simply don’t have the time to set it up or maintain it. Don’t worry because you can have the WordPress site of your dreams by choosing to make use of managed WordPress hosting.

What is managed WP hosting?

Managed WP hosting can be summed up as when you have a web host who focuses on the running of the technical aspects of your site so that you don’t have to worry about it. This frees up time to dedicate to your website and business.

But choosing managed WP hosting isn’t just a good idea if you’re not experienced when it comes to the technical aspects of your website. It’s not only useful for beginners!

With that in mind, let’s check out reasons why managed WP hosting is worth your time and money.

Eight Reasons To Choose Managed WP Hosting

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How, and when, can managed WP hosting benefit you and your business?

If the following points apply to you, then managed WP hosting is a good idea to consider. 

You’re Not Good At Updating Your Site

Maintaining your site, such as by ensuring that its hardware and software are up to date, is an important function.

But if you don’t do this or you simply don’t have the time to do it, managed WP hosting can be a huge help because it ensures that these updates will be done automatically. Now you have one less thing to worry about.

You Fear Your Website Won’t Be Reliable

There’s nothing worse than a website that doesn’t work as effectively as it should. This can make a bad impression on your website visitors.

By choosing a managed WP hosting solution, you’ll be able to ensure that your website performance remains high with no downtime. This is because the web host will use the latest technology that’s available via its data center. You can find many web hosts that guarantee 99.99 percent uptime!

Your IT Guys Aren’t Available Round The Clock

It would certainly cost a lot of money to have your own IT staff dedicated to monitoring your servers. It’s simply not realistic.

If something goes wrong with your website when you’re not in the office, this could hamper your visitors’ experience of the site after hours. Managed WP hosting usually offers round-the-clock service and they make use of a team of experts who can help you with any issues you encounter.

Some web hosts will even monitor your site so that any potential problems can be avoided before they cause a disaster – and before you even know that they’re there.

You Want To Make Use Of WordPress Benefits

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By signing up to a managed WP hosting site, you can make use of a variety of WordPress benefits.

These include having access to premium plugins for your site without having to pay for them, much easier site management, and support from a team of WordPress experts.

You Need To Jack Up Your Website Security

It’s scary to think that WordPress is vulnerable to security hacks, with research via Info Security Magazine revealing that in 2018 alone, WordPress made up 90 percent of all hacked websites!

You therefore want to be sure that your site is secure, as it’s not something to take light. That said, it’s not always easy or affordable to do this, so making use of a managed WP hosting can help.

These sites usually have lots of security features in place, such as SSL certificates. But some go the extra mile, such as by providing you with malware scanning and strong password enforcement.

You’re Worried About Page Load Speed

You’ve probably encountered it yourself: when you visit a website that takes a long time to load, it’s off-putting and might even cause you to stop loading it.

You don’t want visitors to your website to experience the same thing, and the good news about managed WP hosting is that these sites go the extra mile to make sure websites will work as quickly as possible.

This means that you won’t have to try to fiddle with your website settings to make it load at a faster rate.

Your Site Is Experiencing More Traffic

Too much traffic and a lack of resources can result in a disaster, such as downtime that prevents your business from making a sale.

A managed WP host site can prevent this by providing you with the resources you need to accommodate increased amounts of website traffic to your site.

When shopping for a WP host, make sure you scrutinize all its features so that you know exactly how much traffic its plans will be able to accommodate on a monthly basis.

You Don’t Back Up Your Site

When you look at the main features of web hosts, you’ll see that regular website backups are commonly mentioned, and there are good reasons for this. If you don’t back up your site, this could result in your website malfunctioning, crashing, or being more susceptible to viruses.

You’ll love the backup feature provided by managed WP hosting because it prevents you from losing important data while taking the hassle of backing up your data completely off your hands.

Managed WP hosting will conduct a variety of backups, such as daily ones and sometimes even off-site backup options, so you don’t have to worry about it.

You Need Scalability

If you own a WordPress site that you want to grow in future, it helps to think ahead. Will you have the resources you need to be able to accommodate growth or will this cause problems when your website encounters more traffic or goes over its bandwidth limit?

Managed WordPress hosting notifies you when you start reaching your limit and you’ll be offered an upgrade to accommodate your site’s growth. You could also opt for the alternative of the host’s servers scaling your website automatically to maintain your site’s speed and uptime.

Is Managed WP Hosting Right For You? What Are The Drawbacks?

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Now that we’ve looked at some of the most important times when you will benefit from WP hosting, there are some important things to consider with managed WP hosting. 

  • You won’t have as much control over your site. While this isn’t a drawback at all if you’re not a technical person, if you like having control over every aspect of your website this could prove problematic. With managed WP hosting, you won’t be able to put your head under the hood, so to speak, and fiddle with things like your caching or updates. However, you will always still be able to control your site’s content.
  • You can only use WordPress sites. Although it might sound obvious, it’s worth pointing out that you won’t be able to add other websites to your hosting plan, which could be a drawback if you have multiple sites.
  • You won’t always have all the plugins you want. Some web hosts ban certain plugins from being used on websites, sometimes because those plugins can get in the way of your site’s performance and other times because they can pose a security risk. Before you sign up with a web host, always make sure you check their website for details on what plugins won’t be allowed. 

Related Questions

What kind of support can you get from managed WP hosting?

support for clients

While you might want help with solving problems, the expert team of your web host will also be able to assist when it comes to things like migrating your site and optimizing your website.

Why do you need automatic WordPress updates?

The latest version of WordPress will have many improvements. Keeping it up to date is important to ward off security threats and prevent bugs.


If you’re looking for a WordPress hosting site, you will surely have come across managed WP hosting. But what’s it all about and how can it benefit you?

In this article, we’ve outlined some important reasons why managed WP hosting might be the best option for you as a WordPress site owner.

Without having to worry about the technical details of your site, such as its updates and backups, you’ll be able to put them in the hands of a trusty web hosting site that makes your life much easier. This means you can concentrate on building your business and bringing more visitors to your site! 

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