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When you set up and start using your WordPress website, you naturally want it to be smooth and easy to use, while also enabling you to achieve your best work.

That’s why you need to consider using a WordPress hosting site.

Why do you need a WordPress hosting site?

These sites come with a range of benefits, such as ensuring your site has better security and user-friendliness as well as top-notch support. 

If you’re interested in making use of a hosting site, you should consider the five top picks in our reviews of the best managed WordPress hosting sites 2020: a comprehensive comparison. We’ll start with a table that features some important specs. 

Best Overall: Kinsta

kinsta blue logo

Kinsta is highly-rated as a WordPress hosting site. It’s a must for you if you’re searching for a web host that will carry the weight of backing up your site and securing it against potential cyber attacks. But this web host has tons of other great features! 

Featured specs

  • Anti-hack system 
  • Google Cloud Platform 
  • Auto-scaling feature 


  • Kinsta gives you a completely managed service that has daily backups as well as free migration of your website.
  • It prevents you from wasting your time by having extremely fast loading times.
  • Its next-generation infrastructure means you have a powerful tool at your disposal that’s user-friendly and fast to use. Kinsta makes use of the Google Cloud Platform. This means that you can host your website on an excellent infrastructure that offers approximately 21 server locations.
  • If privacy is your concern, you’ll enjoy Kinsta’s strong anti-hack system.
  • Your website will be able to deal with lots of traffic, thanks to how Kinsta auto-scales your RAM and CPU.


  • Kinsta is quite pricey.
  • You can only make your payments via credit card.

Extra Features

  • There’s a plan for everyone, with budget-friendly and more expensive options available to users.
  • There’s also the choice between a monthly or yearly payment plan to fit your needs and budget.
  • If you need support, you can make use of Kinsta’s online service channels.
  • All Kinsta plans come with a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate and CDN access, as well as a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • The hosting plans provide you with a staging site you can use to test different customizations, code edits, and plugins before you go ahead and add them to your site.

Buying Advice

Interested in Kinsta? You can expect to pay $30 per month for the cheapest plan, all the way up to $1,500 for the most expensive one. While that might seem like a lot, there are certainly good reasons to jump on board – and no hidden fees to contend with later.

Runner Up: DreamHost

dreamhost hosting

DreamHost is a web hosting solution that goes the extra mile to make running a WordPress site a, well, dream! Here’s what you need to know about it. 

Featured specs

  • One-click installation
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans
  • 97-day money-back guarantee


  • One of the most appealing things about DreamHost is its Unlimited Plan that lets you use as much SSD storage as you need without any bandwidth restrictions placed on you.
  • You can make use of the DreamHost’s Shared Starter plan that starts at just $2.59 per month and provides you with a WordPress website, unlimited traffic to your site, an SSL certificate, a shared hosting server, and fast SSD storage.
  • Take it one step further and the DreamPress package to host your WordPress site costs $16.95. It has everything you’ll enjoy with the Shared Starter plan, but has extra features, such as daily backups.
  • DreamHost makes it really easy to get started, thanks to their one-click installation.
  • The company also guarantees uptime for your website. If you don’t get 100 percent uptime, they’ll compensate you.
  • You’ll love that all the plans come with unlimited bandwidth and excellent storage.
  • If you hate how some website hosting sites try to sell you add-ons quite aggressively, you’ll love that DreamHost doesn’t do this.


  • A potential drawback to consider is that if you start using up too many resources, such as server RAM, you’ll be upgraded to a more powerful plan.
  • DreamHost doesn’t have servers that are based outside of the U.S., which is disappointing.
  • You have to pay for an email account separately if you sign up for the Shared Starter plan.
  • While a live chat feature is available so that you can get help for any problems you encounter, this is only available for a few hours a day: 5:30AM to 9:30PM Pacific time. The rest of the time you have to make use of the ticket support feature.

Extra Features

  • You don’t have to worry about paying any fees when getting set up.
  • You get free website migration.
  • You have a 97-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

Buying Advice

If you’re interested in getting started with DreamHost, you’ll love that you’ll get lots of value for money in the form of unlimited bandwidth and storage, as well as user-friendliness and decent prices.

You can make use of four types of plans with this cheap managed WordPress hosting option: there’s the shared hosting plan that starts at $3.95 per month, the DreamPress hosting that starts at $16.95 per month, and the VPS hosting that starts at $13.75 per month.

Alternative: WP Engine

wp engine hosting

WP Engine offers users hosting plans that cater to their needs. There are many perks that will be useful to you, so let’s jump into its features!

Featured specs

  • Intrusion detection feature
  • 100 WordPress experts on the team
  • Free Content Delivery Network


  • WP Engine provides you with a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) service no matter what plan you’re on and this makes your service much faster.
  • To test your site and see where it can be improved, WP Engine offers Paid Performance features.
  • If you want to make your site more suitable to different regions in the world you’ll love the GeoTarget add-on. In addition, WP Engine has 19 server locations around the world.
  • Pay $25 per month and you’ll get the Startup plan that offers you support for a maximum of 25,000 visitors a month, one website, 50GB of bandwidth, and 10GB of storage. You’ll have access to global CDN and an SSL certificate.
  • There are a ton of security features that you’ll be glad you have at your disposal, such as how WordPress will be updated to the latest version for you and how WP Engine has an intrusion detection feature to block any security attacks. In addition, the company works with third-party security companies to conduct regular security audits.


  • It’s worth noting that you can’t install every possible plugin you want. Possible reasons include that they could conflict with the features WP Engine provides or they cause a high server load. The WP Engine website offers a comprehensive list of plugins you won’t be able to use.
  • You can’t register your domain with WP Engine, so you’ll have to do so with another company. 

Extra Features

  • You’ll get a dedicated support team that consists of more than 100 WordPress experts, and you can make use of their live chat that’s available 24 hours per day.
  • There’s a 60-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, so that’s more than enough time to test it out for yourself.

Buying Advice

The Startup plan, as outlined earlier, is affordable, but you can make use of other plans to meet your website needs: there’s the Growth plan that provides you with 10 sites and allows for 100,000 visitors per month.

It costs $115. There’s also the Scale plan that’s quite a bit more costly – $290 per month. It increases all your resources so that you can handle up to 400,000 visits to your website every month. Finally, there are also custom plans available.

Alternative: Flywheel

flywheel hosting

Reliability is key when choosing a WordPress managed hosting site and Flywheel doesn’t disappoint. 

Featured specs

  • Nightly backups
  • Caching system
  • Free demo sites


  • Beginner-friendly dashboard that’s streamlined and easy to use.
  • The site makes use of nightly backups.
  • You don’t have to worry about installing security plugins because the site offers protection against security threats such as malware.
  • You will benefit from the strong network infrastructure that’s maintained on a regular basis and makes use of quality software.
  • A team that’s made up of WordPress experts upgrades your site so that you’re always guaranteed of smooth operations. The latest WordPress version is also automatically updated.
  • Flywheel offers fast service, thanks to its caching system that decreases download times. Some people who’ve used Flywheel have said that they had load times that were just a few seconds, which is pretty amazing.


  • One of the biggest drawbacks associated with Flywheel is that you’re limited when it comes to plugins. This is because some plugins aren’t allowed on its servers for potential security reasons.

Extra Features

  • The Flywheel live chat offers a fast and pleasant experience.
  • Flywheel isn’t limited to WordPress hosting. They have many great services and tools available to help designers, agencies, and freelancers grow their business.
  • To find out if you think you’ll benefit from using Flywheel, you can make use of free demo sites. These sites allow you to try out different features. In case you’re worried about being charged for them, you’ll be pleased to know you won’t have to pay until they go live.
  • This site offers custom configurations so that you can tweak your plan’s features to better suit your website needs. For example, you can customize cache configurations so that you can add them to your own content delivery network.
  • Support is at hand in a variety of ways, such as with live chat, support tickets, and email – or even twitter.
  • You can migrate your website for free.
  • You’ll also get an email account.

Buying Advice

If you’re interested in Flywheel, you’ll love that by spending just $13, you can start your own WordPress site. This plan is the Tiny plan and it supports 5,000 monthly visits to your website.

There are other plans, such as the Starter Plan that costs $25 and supports a maximum of 25,000 visitors. You can also make use of the Freelance plan that costs $96 and can support up to 100,000 monthly visits or the Agency plan that costs $242 and can handle 400,000 visits. It also offers you the chance to build a maximum of 30 websites.

Alternative: Nexcess

nexcess logo

If you’re looking for tons of features from your WordPress hosting site, you’ll love Nexcess. Let’s check it out.

Featured specs

  • Auto-scaling features
  • Automatic website monitoring
  • User-friendly client portal 


  • It’s been said that Nexcess is much faster than other web hosting services and this is as a result of how it makes use of RAID and SSD for its cloud storage, as well as PHP 7.0/7.1, MySQL 5.7, and Apache 2.4. These ensure lower memory consumption, better security features, as well as better performance.
  • It has an auto-scaling platform for Nexcess Cloud, meaning that if you experience more traffic to your WordPress site or a rise in e-commerce transactions, Nexcess’s services will be scaled up automatically to accommodate this.
  • You probably won’t need to get in touch for support because Nexcess regularly monitors your website and servers so that they can nip any issues in the bud, creating a more seamless experience. Of course, there is support available, in the form of live chat, email, phone, and support tickets.
  • This web hosting is equipped with CDN that compresses CSS, Javascripts, and images automatically and without affecting your file quality.


  • Nexcess does charge a bit more for its services than competitors.

Extra Features

  • The Nexcess Client Portal lets you manage everything in your account with just one login, such as making payments and monitoring how much traffic your website is getting.
  • You’ll get free backups that are made automatically, as well as free migration.

Buying Advice

Managed WordPress web hosting by Nexcess is really convenient. It offers plans that range in cost from $49 per month to $999 per month.

The cheapest plan is known as Spark and it offers 2TB of bandwidth, 15GB of storage, and allows you to have one website, all for $19 per month. The Maker plan they have on offer is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. It costs $79 per month and gives users 40GB of storage as well as 3TB of bandwidth for up to five websites.

Managed WordPress Hosting FAQ

After viewing five of the best managed WordPress hosting sites that are available to you, you might still have questions. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones.

What is the difference between shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

dedicated or shared hosting

You’ve probably heard about shared hosting vs. dedicated hosting, but what are the most important differences you should know about them?

Shared hosting is when a service provider provides the use of a server for multiple websites. Each one will be set up with its own domain name. One of the biggest benefits of shared hosting is that it’s more affordable for the simple reason that the cost of maintaining the server is spread over many customers.

Sometimes there can be hundreds or thousands of businesses on the same server, but this doesn’t usually cause problems because most of the websites are small and supported. That said, there are drawbacks to the shared hosting option: if one website that’s on the server takes up too many resources, this can cause problems for the others. To prevent this, users are limited when it comes to customizing their website.

Dedicated hosting is when your website is run by a server that’s dedicated to it. Some benefits of this setup include not having to deal with other website owners who are on the same server and having the chance to customize your website.

That said, the costs you have to pay tend to be higher than what you’d find on a shared hosting setup. You’ll also have to have technical knowledge, such as when setting up your own server. This includes installing your own operating system and setting up security features, such as installing malware removal.

Advantages and disadvantages of managed WordPress hosting

cons of managed hosting

Now that we’ve looked at shared and dedicated hosting, what about managed hosting?

This can be described as when a hosting site is focused on improving your WordPress site, therefore providing you with greater speeds, better security features, and more storage. Although it sounds like the same thing as dedicated hosting, there is an important difference.

While both hosting types make use of a dedicated server, if you make use of dedicated hosting you can manage the server. By comparison, in managed web hosting the provider will run the server for you.


  • You’ll receive important information from your hosting site, such as if your website has experienced a sudden increase in traffic.
  • The hosting site will help you to be able to scale your web server so that you can effectively manage the traffic load on your website.
  • You’ll receive a variety of features, such as when it comes to powerful hardware and software.
  • The user panels of managed WP hosting sites tend to be user-friendly and offer you fast access to the features you want to use.
  • The high quality of their setup usually means that you’ll also have more security.


  • You usually won’t get an email account on your managed WordPress hosting site.
  • Depending on your WordPress hosting site, you might be limited when it comes to the plugins you’re allowed to use.
  • You’re usually limited when it comes to storage capacity and could encounter problems if your website makes use of large media files.

Can I build a WordPress site without managed hosting?

servers in rack

You don’t actually need to make use of WordPress hosting for your site. If you choose to use, you will get a free domain and website to use and you won’t need to make use of a web host.

The free WordPress version will give you what you need to have your own website, but if you want to have more customization at your disposal, such as in the form of your own domain name, getting a hosting plan can be very beneficial.

There are many other benefits to using a managed WordPress host, such as that you’ll receive automatic updates and backups for your site, extra tools and support, and security features to make the experience of owning and managing a WordPress site much less stressful, which is especially beneficial if you don’t have much technical knowledge.

Does managed hosting come with a domain?

If you want to go ahead and sign up for managed hosting for your WordPress site, you’ll obviously need your own domain. You can usually buy your domain and get hosting from the same company, or you can choose to have a domain from a different company than the one that’s hosting your website.

However, that is a bit more complicated because it means that you’ll have to direct your domain name to the web host by editing your DNS settings.

Buying the domain name and web hosting from the same company ensures that you can keep your domain name settings, which is more convenient, and you’ll be able to manage both under the same dashboard.


If you want to have your WordPress website run by a hosting site, you’re spoiled for choice. As we’ve seen in these managed WordPress hosting reviews, there are many hosting sites from which to choose.

But which one is best?

In this managed WordPress hosting comparison, we’ve looked at five of the best hosting sites and what they have to offer their users, so you can make the right choice based on their pros, cons, and costs.