Top Eight WordPress Survey Plugins

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Want to add surveys to your WordPress site?

You can do so easily with the use of a plugin and these don’t have to be expensive or difficult to use. 

Why should you have surveys on your website?

There are some good reasons why your website needs surveys – for starters, they can provide you with feedback that will improve how you connect with your customers.

Surveys also help your website visitors to feel more included in your business, which can boost their engagement. Not sure which survey plugins to choose? Here are some of the best WordPress survey plugins to consider

Best WordPress Survey Plugin

WP Forms

wpforms plugin

This plugin has add-ons for surveys as well as polls, and you can combine them with other features such as email integration or custom notifications. With WP Forms, the simple click of a button will enable you to add any form on your website into a survey form.

To help you make sense of the surveys, WP Forms produces reports with charts to display your customers’ survey responses. Your website visitors who have done the survey will be able to get immediate real-time reports.

WP Forms has a few pricing plans in place, with their cheapest plan being $79 per year.

Formidable Forms

formidable forms plugin

Formidable Forms enables you to create various types of forms, including surveys for your website. You can build interactive surveys and custom polls easily, thanks to their “drag and drop” feature.

If your website visitors are using their mobile devices, as many do, they’ll be able to complete surveys and polls without a hassle because the Formidable Forms polls look good on every screen size.

There are three plans you can purchase from Formidable Forms, with the cheapest one costing $149 per year.


crowdsignal plugin

Crowdsignal also makes it easy to create surveys within minutes, and you can customize how the surveys look, which is a fantastic way to make use of your brand’s colors and styles. You’ll be able to put your surveys wherever you want to better reach your customers, such as on social media or share them via email.

To get started with Crowdsignal, choose from one of their plans: you can try out a free plan that gives you unlimited questions, polls, and surveys, or move on to one of their premium plans that offer more features. The cheapest one is a mere $15 per year.


rafflepress plugin

Having giveaways on your website can encourage your clients to engage with your brand and bring more visitors to your website, but RafflePress takes this idea one step further.

It enables you to create surveys and polls so you can gain valuable customer feedback when your customers enter your website contests. This can help you to get what you want while also rewarding your website visitors. This plugin comes with fraud protection for your website visitors, which is a plus.

You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to use RafflePress because it’s user-friendly and easy to understand. RafflePress has a variety of plans, starting with one that’s just $39 per year.

Quiz And Survey Master

quiz and survey master

This might not be completely beginner-friendly, but once you get the hang of using it, Quiz And Survey Master is a top-notch survey plugin.

It enables you to create professional and engaging surveys. You can create quizzes that have scores, interactive answers, and leaderboards; you can also create multi-step survey forms.

You have complete control over the customization of your surveys and you can even add countdown timers to your quizzes.

Quiz And Survey Master starts at $79 per year, but you can make use of their free plan.

Yop Poll

yop poll plugin

Sometimes you want to be able to copy a successful poll you previously used, and Yop Poll allows you to do that. It’s easy to use this plugin and it allows you to make use of multiple polls on your website at the same time.

There’s also an automated poll scheduling feature that enables you to schedule polls for your website visitors ahead of time.

One of the best things about Yop Poll is that it’s completely free and open source! This is especially fantastic if you’re just starting out with your WP site. 

Opinion Stage

opinion stage plugin

If you’re looking for a way to make a big impact with your polls, you’ll love using Opinion Stage. This survey plugin allows you to create a range of surveys, polls, quizzes, and more.

What’s great about it is that you can make use of images and videos on your surveys to take them to another level of engagement. You can put your polls anywhere on your site, even on posts and sidebars.

Opinion Stage is a fantastic way to generate more leads because it enables you to increase your email list with its CTA button that you can put on your surveys.

Opinion Stage costs $19 per month and there are many plans to choose from, but you can also make use of their free plan.

Watu Quiz

watu quiz

Watu Quiz lets you choose various types of answers for your quizzes, such as single-choice or text-based answers.

You’ll love being able to save your quiz progress and return to it later when you have time to continue building it, as well as how you can add media to your quizzes. You can also use the plugin to gain information about your customers or website visitors who are taking the quizzes on your site.

There are three pricing plans you can choose from, with the cheapest one being $47 per year.

Tips To Create Great Quizzes On Your Website

website quiz
  • Keep your quiz in line with your brand. It’s a good idea to make your quizzes similar to your brand, such as with its style and colors. After all, your quizzes could be shared on social media so you want your brand to be immediately recognizable.
  • Stick to the “pub style.” This style basically means that you maintain a friendly and casual style of writing when creating your quiz questions, so it’s pretty much like how you’d speak to your friends in a pub, hence its name. By keeping this style with your website visitors, you can ensure that your website remains accessible.
  • Make it shareable. It’s a smart idea for your business for you to choose a WordPress survey plugin that enables your quizzes to be shared on social media. Research conducted by BuzzSumo (via Power Digital Marketing) found that 82 percent of people who see a quiz on their newsfeed on social media will take it!
  • Make it personal. Make sure you grab people’s attention by trying to use the word “you” in the quiz title. This is a strategy used by websites such as BuzzFeed and it makes the quiz look immediately interesting to online users.
  • Keep it short. While it’s tempting to have lots of questions in your quiz, this can make your website visitors lose interest in it. Part of the appeal of online quizzes is that they’re something quick and easy that people can do, such as when they have a few minutes to spare. A good guideline for the length of your online quizzes is to stick to no more than 12 questions per quiz.
  • Make it worth their while. Sometimes it’s a good idea to reward your customers for taking a quiz on your website, especially if the quiz is helping you to gain more insights into their likes, dislikes, and behavior. It’s a good way to ensure some give and take with your customers!

Related Questions

What are good quiz resources to check out?

To get some good ideas for quizzes and how to come up with questions for your WP quizzes, you should visit websites such as MentalFloss, Zimbio, and PlayBuzz.

Why do people like taking online quizzes?

Not only are they fun, but online quizzes, such as personality quizzes, help us to reinforce our sense of self and confirm judgments we have about ourselves, as Huffington Post reports.  


Having surveys on your website is a fantastic way to make it more interactive and engaging for your visitors.

By making use of the best WordPress survey plugin, you can easily build surveys and add them to your site without a fuss.

In this article, we’ve featured eight of the best WordPress survey plugins to consider, along with their main features and costs so you can take your WP site experience up a notch with a survey or poll.

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